Keepin’ it Raw

So tonight Francesca had a couple of friends into town from Austin, Texas.  Perfect time of year for a visit to the Bay.  Paul is a raw food afficianado, and with Francesca thirty-five weeks along, they decided it would be nice to prepare her a phat, healthy raw meal.  I was merely along for the ride, but I have to admit that I am now chomping at the bit to experiment with the juicer and the dehydrator that somehow managed to get shipped out here during the move.  The zucchini bread is in the dehydrator now and will have to be featured in a later post.

Dinner was in two courses, starting with a spectacular soup that reminded me a bit of gazpacho: 

Caroline called it ‘I am grounded’ and it was made with carrot, avocado, apple, water, sea salt, ginger.  She and Paul followed it up with a spectacular ceviche, made with Halibut, Tuna, avocado, red bell pepper, corn, mango, purple onion, sea salt, and lime juice.  We soon found ourselves using the decorative large pieces of red cabbage to make ‘ceviche tacos’.  I became full much quicker than I had expected.

Just as we were sitting down to this veritable feast of freshness, the doorbell rang.  It was our neighbors and their new-born with a fresh plate of oatmeal cookies with walnuts and a cream cheese frosting.

My kind of dinner guests, a nice relaxing holiday weekend meal, even if they are from Texas.

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