Golden meal with a Golden view

I have a cousin who lives in Kensington, which is near Berkeley and I went to visit him and his delightful wife yesterday. They live in some style with a house facing the San Francisco bay. He is a children’s book reviewer for the Boston Globe and was formerly a professor at San Diego university. Some years ago he was voted a National Treasure by Mothering Magazine…!

They are excellent cooks, and so last night we had a rather good Americana meal, consisting of spiced spare ribs, cooked in the oven for three hours which made them tender and delicious,  roasted squash, drizzled with honey and a little cinnamon, the best corn on the cob I think I have ever had (from the local Safeway!) and some stewed cranberries.

However the food was almost secondary to the view at sunset. Despite being a little spoiled by phone wires, eating dinner while look at the sun setting over the Golden Gate Bridge, was for me something very special.

So, another excellent and reasonably healthy meal in this absolutely wonderful part of the world.

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