Pork Loin in Beer Sauce

I had other engagements last night and was unable to post this then (*cough*Warcraft*cough) so instead will share the conversation I had with a stranger when I had leftovers of this today at school:
“Oh my goodness, that smells delicious, what is it?”
“It’s roast pork loin, and some grilled veggies… Want to try a bite?”
“Oooh can I? (NOMNOMNOM) Oh wow, that sauce is out of this world.”
“Yeah it’s great isn’t it? It’s honey, mustard, and beer.”
“Wow, that’s great. I should pay you to cook for me!”
“Gee thanks… tell your single friends!”
“Oh honey, all my friends are married or have boyfriends, sorry.”

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on “Pork Loin in Beer Sauce
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  1. Fed up having to get up particularly early today…of course checked WIHFDT first thing…this made me laugh and set me up for the day! That pork looks particularly good!

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