French Toast with Cherry/Blueberry Compote

For the kids dessert:
If I see ONE MORE POPSICLE I am going to scream. I am definitely a creature that thrives on change. I can’t consume the same thing every night. I kids, however, will eat chicken nuggets and apples with a popsicle for dessert every night for the rest of their childhood.
Tonight that changes. I refuse! I gave them grilled chicken with chickpeas on the side (I know, not the best combo, but I had leftover from our meal) and some green beans.
And for dessert, Cinnamon French Toast with a Cherry and Blueberry Compote. I mixed the Cherry and Blueberry jam that I scored from the Farmers Market a couple of weeks ago. Made locally by The Dutch Kettle. My oldest daughter, 4 years, told me “this french toast with compo is the most delicious dessert I’ve ever had”
My “do-overs” I would use better bread. Possibly a Ciabatta.

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on “French Toast with Cherry/Blueberry Compote
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  1. What lovely posts you out up. I was in a restaurant in France the other day (invited by others…thank goodness!) and was served this ecxact pudding. They called it something frightfully complicated though! I said ‘this is eggy bread”….those paying the bill were unamused !

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