Chinese duck on the new BB(Q)

Since my last post we have gained a new puppy… called BB…and she has a Facebook page (B B Anais Kirchem) in case you like being Facebook friends with a dog…!

As she is called BB (the Anais is just for show and to annoy people who think we are being pretentieux…!) we also bought a new BBQ as B and Q (are you keeping up here!) was having a super sale of huge BBQ’s.

We assembled it…that is a complete lie…Oscar assembled it, I went out…and much to his (though not my) surprise it worked first click, and so instead of cooking our Chines suck in the oven, we cooked it on the new BBQ from B and Q and watched by BB…who it turns out has something of a liking for duck !

The duck was wonderful. Crispy as it should, and Sainsbury’s have finally sorted out their rather anemic Hoisin sauce, which this time was delicious. There were ample pancakes and we shredded some spring onions and some cucumber.

A neighbour, who is heavily into barbecues as well, suggested we parboil some potatoes and then place them on some foil in the BBQ (from B and Q and watched …oh, never mind!) drizzle them with olive oil and some fragrant salt and leave them to cook as well. They were delicious too, especially as I had drizzled them with some of the duck fat !

We had a Raymond Blanc tomato salad with it, and for pudding we had some rather lovely berries – hope you like the arty farty photo. makes up for the first one! –  which, to my regret, are beginning to eke out in the shops as Britain heads into Autumn and another infernal winter.

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