Chefwife Pizza Kitchen

Tonight- Cobb Salad Pizza
As I travel down my road of actually creating mostly edible meals, I have noticed a slight trend. The pizzas I make are delicious. I have had my ups and downs with meals. And definitely had some shaky ground with desserts, but my pizzas are definite winners. This may be because the concept of a pizza is pure genius, or just because of the ingredients I have been using. (See Sausage Fig and Goat Cheese Pizza ).

The chicken and bacon are straight from the grocery store. But the red onion, avocado, and grape tomatoes were from Fridays grab at the Farmer’s Market. I actually went back today, since my 2 kids ate a total of 15 apples and 10 peaches since Friday morning, only to find that they are closed on Mondays. Super bummed!
Good thing I had this little guy to cheer me up. The Chef LOVED it. The only drawback, was that it was slightly messy. One must concentrate on not spilling when eating.
*I also doubled the ingredients and piled mine high*

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