A 30th Birthday Spread

Yoshi turned 30, so I made him essentially jazzed up spag-bol – one of his favourites.

Starters: Whole Wheat Foccacia with 2 Types of Olive

Whole Wheat Foccacia with 2 Types of Olive

Tried out a new recipe from The Gourmet Toaster Oven.

Was ok but a little too dense. Maybe less whole wheat flour? More yeasty action?

Will need to experiment.

Can’t fail with olives in bread however.

Main: Fresh Egg Pasta, with Beef Ragu

Fresh Egg Pasta from the French Laundry Cookbook

Who knew pasta could be al dente and melt in your mouth at the same time?

Turned out awesome and smooth. I’d gotten super enriched yolk type of eggs (without intending to) and it gave the rich colour to the pasta.

Sauce was a typical kind of ragu – but boosted by using the leftover sauce from the paprika chicken the other night.

I should make fresh pasta all the time – I forget how disappointing dried pasta tastes until I make fresh stuff.

Dessert: Mini Chocolate Lava Cakes

Um… the ingredients are still in the fridge – we were too full! Hopefully tomorrow…..

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  1. Did you sift the whole wheat flour? It really makes a difference with the density. I know you cook enough to take the extra steps to make something outstanding, but it sounds like you had quite a lot of dishes to juggle :)

  2. Oh no I didn’t sift the whole wheat – just the all purpose flour I mixed in with it. I guess I would need to use a sifter with a wider weave though to keep the wheaty bits in.

  3. I have never had any luck with bread (seems yeast dies when I look at it), yet if you have a baker friend to give you some from the old batch it is well worth the return favor.
    And ofcourse Happy Birthday!

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