More BBQ leftovers and Garden Goodies

Big salad with fresh arugula and green onions from the garden as well as a handful of the first cherry tomatoes. The rest was from the farmers market and had a variety of greens, from mustard to sweet, and was topped with radishes and carrots, cucumbers and kohlrabi liberally doused with a balsamic vinaigrette. The baked beans were left over from Sunday’s BBQ and heated in the microwave. The sausages were the last of the chicken apple sausages I got last month at CostCo… but first I sautéed some fresh porcini mushrooms in olive oil with fresh red cipollini onions from the garden and garlic, salt and pepper, and then finished them off with a pinch of Thai basil, removed them and fried the sausages in leftover juices and oil. Altogether delicious.

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