Tonight we had Moo Saka which is Greek for Lasagne and is made with small French hotels…Aubergines !

It was made entirely by Caroline and took her three hours but the end result was worth the wait, especially as it enabled Oscar and I to watch the Holland thrash the Youraguyans at the footie, partake in some playful banter about someone called van Persie, and have a bowl full of salt and vinaigre chips.

 It had Aubergines and tomatoes in it, a white sauce, some lamb mince, assorted herbs, some cinnamon and other stuff.

But you know, I just don’t see the point of it…tomorrow the small hotels will have become revoltingly soggy and a tad acrid, but as I wont be here to eat it I don’t really care.

Give me Lasagne any time…and a show of hands at the table reinforced that view, but then what did the Greeks ever produce that wasn’t bettered by the Italians….? Demis Roussos versus Jo Verdi….Greek Chariot v Ferrari……Stravros the tailor v Armani….I wrest (sic) my case !

Sorry Caroline…lova ya !

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  1. greek, italian, jiujitsu- ok my grandma’s best musaka recipe: the small french hotels are cubed small, rather than sliced, than layered, use 50/50 mix with potatoes, this way the spuds absorb the liquid, but still get the taste. And if one has to make this, one has to have savory and fresh parsley. also In the mix poured over use yogurt instead. :)

  2. Yikes Abi, didn’t see all this. What a load of great suggestions! I have to say we STILL have some leftover and by the day it has got better. Next time we will try if the Abi way!

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