From the Garden Again

I had friends over for a magnificent Independence day BBQ yesterday, and had many leftovers and things we didn’t get to in my fridge, and still in the garden today. The zucchini was picked yesterday and marinated in balsamic vinegar with the portobella mushrooms and grilled on the backyard BBQ so that it picked up a nice, smoky mesquite flavor. The hamburger was brought by friends yesterday, but never made it to the grill, so I grilled it on the GeoFo inside tonight, and dressed it up with a little Pepper Jack cheese. Tastiest of all was fresh green beans I picked this evening with my neighbor, Brenda, sautéed with garlic and Chinese black bean garlic paste, as well as fresh red cippolini onions, also right out of the garden. As much as I go on and on about my farmers markets, I might just like this home gardening thing a little bit more…

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  1. home gardening is the bomb. but damn it takes effort to keep out the weeds. basically we end up giving up every year mid season and just wait for the tomatoes.

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