A Week of Queso Dinners

I realized when I looked in my camera tonight, I had photos from two other dinners this week I haven’t posted yet, and I haven’t posted this week at all, except to Tweet my burrito on Wednesday. Yeah, that’s right, I Tweet my burrito in public. Deal with it. So here are my dinners this week, in order:


Fresh, ground free-range lamb from the farmers market, mixed with minced onion, basil, mint and garlic, and grilled on the GeoFo. Served with cauliflower and sugar snap peas steamed in garlic; the peas were also tossed with a little sesame oil.

Tuesday and Wednesday:

Tuesday, I worked as an Alameda County Election official, handing out and collecting ballots for the California primary, from 6AM until 9PM. I was exhausted after and nothing I really wanted was open, so I just went to Taco Bell drivethru and had some tacos and a gordita. Not very satisfying, but I wasn’t awake enough to notice. Wednesday night, I realized I was still wanting GOOD Mexican food, so I went to El Caballo Wraps, around the corner.


The weather started getting hot again, and I didn’t feel like making much of a dinner. Also, I had a lot of veggies leftover in the fridge from the farmers market that I hadn’t used yet. So I just made a big salad with turkey breast cutlets marinated grilled and sliced over the top.


I did some browsing through the garden and realized I had lots of things that were ready to eat! So I decided that I would take advantage of the situation and make dinner mostly from things I grew myself tonight. Starting with red and chiogga beets- I boiled and chilled and tossed them with olive oil and dill, and sautéed the greens with fresh onions and a little balsamic vinegar. Next, the salad was constructed from arugula and romaine from the garden with fresh radishes, and augmented with other farmers market goodies. The chicken and apple sausages were not home-made or home-grown, however. I’m thinking this gardening concept has a future.

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