“Throwing Down the Gauntlet” Chicken Parmigiana

Please do NOT lick your screens.

Chicken Parmigiana

Soft spiced panko with fresh thyme breaded chicken fillets, with a rich chunky onion and tomato sauce, topped with slivers of fresh mozzarella and parmesan shavings.

On the side mashed potatoes, wilted spinach and steamed asparagus tossed in butter.

I could only manage one piece of chicken – the other will make a good leftover lunch today!

There was no dessert.

This was a fortuitous challenge as this meal is one of my brother’s all time favourites – and in 2 short days he will be back to Navy rations on the boat. He said it was definitely one of the best ones he’s had – which I put down to my secret herbs and spices in the the panko mix.

And excuse me Mr “Striding Father Time” – but I think you’ll find I’m the most in the future compared to the rest of you! [World Time Zones] – however I often let my food settle a bit before rushing to post! 😛

Cheesefairy needs to keep in mind that in the future I will be moving to Melbourne and therefore be having the opportunity to cook for people who judge their food as especially delicious looking….

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on ““Throwing Down the Gauntlet” Chicken Parmigiana
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  1. I knew it…just KNEW it!! The implied threat of moving to Melbourne….’erbs in the panko mix (what’s one of them anyway!!) the brother and his last shorebased meal routine (HMRAN ships have great food….they’ve little else to do staggering about the oceans trying to find their way to shoot up some Kiwis and ending up ‘miraculously’ in Japan! And wilted spinach?? Eeeew! What’s wrong with upright, dynamic spinach?? It’s a conspiracy….!

  2. Btw I think there may be one more to come….abby… But think she’s trying to get her English together in some semblance of logical order, so you have at least a remote inkling of what she’s on about!! Miaaow…

  3. Well Pyotr , she wins for Photography.. but I reserve judgment on the cooking until I’ve had a sample of each. But, I suppose my votes don’t count being as I’m neither a teenage girl nor Australian ;D

  4. Was it one of those slap your forehead and say “Ohhhhhhhh” moments? Also I meant to say you win for storytelling but I apparently forgot to push the keys.

  5. Ooo, cat fight over chicken.. now we are talking!
    Well deserving and solid execution, presentation and topping here, however I do like Peter’s tomato version ( despite his overenthusiastic use of breading and epithets ;p)
    I regret to withdraw , since the weekend is almost over and there are ribs on the menu.
    I will do a tomato/chese dish to add to my previous grilled chicken entry just to check that off :)

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