The roast beef of Olde England…!

When mighty Roast Beef was the Englishman’s food

It ennobled our brains and enriched our blood.

Our soldiers were brave and our courtiers were good

Oh the Roast Beef of old England and old English Roast Beef

I dont know whether Henry Fielding, who wrote the above  piece of shiite – thanks Google :-) – believed in the occult; I certainly don’t but the mystery of what has happened to my iPhone lead remains unsolved, and so I can only assume one of the many ghosts that haunt the Isle of Wight, lost his and came in last night to lift mine. Apologies once again for no piccies for now.

I have had some amazing bargains from Waitrose’s reduced counter, but this was one of the best. An absolutely fabulous piece of boned forerib, well marbled and aged, reduced from £10.70 to a measly £1.92 !

We took it over to Carolines parents this evening as they would enjoy it and roasted it on a bed of onions til it was done. We then let is rest for 10 minutes while Caroline prepared some gravy. I am more a jus sort of person  but it was quite good.

We served it with boiled Jersey Royal potatoes and a wonderful green salad that Bill, as she is known, Caroline’s mother , had prepared. We also remembered the horseradish sauce! Ha…my favourite.

The beef was slightly pink where it needed to be and tasted wonderful. I carved it slightly too thick so there was a suggestion it was a little tough….hmm…my fault again! As winter has returned to the island it went down very well!

As we had bought the beef they went to the ends of the earth with the wine, and we opened a bottle of 1996 Château Barbé Premieres Cote de Blaye (which despite its fancy name is not a grand Cru!) which they had been given by their millionaire son-in-law (I am a HUGE disappointment to them and they must live in hope Caroline wakes up one day and realises her mistake…we’re not married so there is time!!) for Christmas. I have to say it was very, very good.

 For pud I had a small sliver of pear tart and some Lidl ice-cream….the others had a much larger helping…they are all pigs!

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  1. I suppose he realy liked roast… this “poet”
    What happened to your camera?, o… you were not allowed to take it along to the inlaws, omj I am just a terrible, I meant to say how quaint and what a lucky bargain finder you are, but see- I got jealous over your $3 what I understand is a rib roast?

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