Something fishy going on….!

Oh the social whirl…it’s never ending ! Friends, relations, selected enemies…even complete strangers….they all clamour for a part of me !! Oh, hang on.. sorry…that post belongs to !…I remember…this one’s about eating…!

Tonight was dinner with Robert and Laura. I have known Robert now for sometime, and every time I see him, remain convinced he looks like Art Garfunkels younger brother…and whilst never having heard him sing…suspect without the whiny voice.

Laura, his new(ish) partner I know less well, but is charming, very chatty and to put you fully in the picture, looks like a young Ali McGraw (Love Story….remember!!)  God help the opposite sex if they ever decide to have kids !

What I had no idea about both of them is that they are pretty mean cooks, as proved by tonights meal.

Starter was warm scallops (Waitrose…yay!) on a bed of rocket with a mustard vinaigrette and served with pink grapefruit segments. The scallops were perfect and the grapefruit gave a nice contrast to the rest. Yum.

The main was haddock, grilled with lemon juice and lemon zest (and black pepper) on a bed of mash (no lumps dammit…I checked! HOW is that done??) with unadulturated steamed (I think) broccoli and carrots. Nice. The haddock with the lemon was delicious…nice and tangy.

Pud was “Rachael’s” (haven’t a clue, but she must be rolling in it, as it is sold everywhere) enviro-friendly yoghurt with a scary-red raspberry (?) sorbet (from Waitrose…re-yay!)

Wine…(something) -Fish” – service was so good I just wasn’t able to make my usual ill-mannered lunge for the bottle and help myself !…. White, and I think a SavBlanc again. Anyway, it was very nice.

A very nice evening. Tomorrow evening should be…eh, interesting!…being dragged round the upper echelons of London society, in a whistle and flute if you please!  Dahhlinks…..should be a complete hoot!  Toodlepip


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on “Something fishy going on….!
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  1. Hi Peter, LOL @ “selected enemies.” The haddock looks awesome although I can never get used to fish and mashed potatoes in the same meal–not enough textural contrast for me–but that’s a personal preference. Glad you had a fun time with Robert & Laura. :>)

  2. Hey Lynn…a new voice (to me anyway)! How nice! Mash and fish… Never thought about it like that. Think you have a point.

  3. Waitrose appears to be a sort of a sacred land enabling culinary enlightment- must investigate! Sounds good though. Hm…Fish Head- the wine, although that would be strange to see on your side of the puddle.

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