…’Sank ‘evven…for leetle guurls….they grow up in the most delightful way!’

In tonights post I am at serious risk of banging on more about the people I had dinner with tonight, than what I ate….though both were fabulous!

Piers and I went to school together…he then met Barbie at University and rarely has a cross word passed between them ever since !

They have three daughters. Oh my… what can I say about them, other than to come back to the title of this piece….. the famous song from Gigi, sung by Maurice Chevalier !

And to think I sat with 2 – with the third one away at uni. Stunningly, staggeringly, blonde-pretty… intelligent…. talented artists all of them…solicitous…I’m afraid the whole family radiate an aura that makes my drive home after having dinner with them…like floating on air, even in a rattly old diesel Fiat.

Makes you sick really..:-)….but you get the picture. I have had a good week for eating with lovely people, and lucky me…. it aint finished yet !

Starter was an enormous plate of soft scallops, fried till slightly brown in butter and lemon (the addition of which apparently make them go soft) served on a base of chopped shallots, with chopped bacon  and sprinkled with lemon juice – I would like to try it with proper Pancetta, and lime and lemon juice – We ate them with Scottish oakcakes, and – sorry Gomi – the ubiqitous smoked tomatoes!

Main course was a pork chop with a mushroom and creme fraiche sauce (mushrooms still crunchy…top marks!) with fresh asparagus – from Piers’ ‘lonk-lonk’ (what when small one of the girls used to call his allotment!) – peas and new potatoes (also freshly lonk-lonked!!)

Pud was a simple fruit salad of fresh Pineapple and bananas with the late addition of some frozen blueberries. Actually frozen berries added to a fruit salad is rather a good idea. Crunch and soft together.

We watched some telly afterwards together and I sneaked this photo of one of the girls hard at work at her latest art project…..I mean wouldn’t you just fall in love…!  

“Oy… young lady… did Mum know you filched one of her best dinner plates for wiping your paintbrushes on???”

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on “…’Sank ‘evven…for leetle guurls….they grow up in the most delightful way!’
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  1. question…is there a limited number of times you can edit a post…don’t seem to be able to get back into this one (for the nth time !!)

  2. No Pedro, I think I speak for myself when I say the site would be poorer without your postings of the delicious looking foods you have ate.

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