…I knew this was going to be good…!

I shall call an honorable draw in the ParmI(thank you Gomi!)giana compo until such time as sentence is passed, as I am rather keen to move and on and tell the world about last night’s dinner. Wonder where Cheesefairy’s gone though….probably stuffing herself with more cupcakes!

I knew last night was going to be good….but not this good! Alison and Dave are actually friends of Caroline’s – Caroline is stuck on the godforesaken island, be and being! –  but whereas friends from a new partners’ ex life can sometimes be a pain in the arse, A and D are very much the exception to the rule.

Dave is a headmaster, is ‘over 50’  though looks an athletic 30 (seethe), …but has a rather dodgy taste in music….Alison is a contact lens specialiste, but also finds time to run 2 houses (one in France!) do ceramics, cook…..you know, one of them….and yes, I suppose I am a little….! :-)

We started with a jar of ye oake-smoked tomatoes on fresh bread (ha ha and v delicious…again!) and olives (don’t know what it is about Olives…I so WANT to like them….) but moved swifly on to the main event.

A plate of absolutely fabulous lamb cutlets arrived, beautifully laid out with lemon wedges and fresh herbs (good presentation is so important….I am rubbish at it) which Dave barbecued to perfection.

A wondrous dish of vegetarian Moussaka came out next, all thick sauce and smelling of Greece – and served in a blue dish which added to its authenticity – which Alison had finished off with Creme Fraiche…fantastic…a plate of asparagus which I think had been finished off on the grill…some perfect new potatoes…and lastly a bowl of fluffy rice which helped mop up the creamy moussaka sauce.

The noises of appreciation round the table were loud and heartfelt. It was a fantastic spread !

A la Cheesefairy… Desert (wasn’t that sweet… !!) was a humungous bowl of strawberries with a choice of vanilla ice cream (no…NOT as good as Lidl…ha ha!) or a lemon sorbet.

My only reservation about the evening….and it is a serious one which has caused me a sleepless night, as I thought Alison and Dave responsible parents, was about their youngest son George  (aged 12 3/4 I think!) and his  frightening ability in the art of cocktail assemblage!

He disappeared far too often into the depths of the house, emerging triumphant 10 minutes later with the most lethal pink coloured concontion full of herbs, lemon slices and god knows what else in the way of stupor-inducing ingredients…to which he had liberally (nice..hicc!!) added cachaça in the hope of providing me with the perfect Caipirinha….he doesn’t know how close he got !! I did of course very little to dissuade him from this evil activity…not wishing to involve myself in the education of other people’s children….

Strange….I was the sole recipient of these little bombs all evening ….he must like me….I certainly like him…..alot!


Have just returned from my morning pilgrimage to Waitrose…where they had fresh skate wings, and fresh roe-on scallops reduced to pence….must be eaten today! Now…who wants to come for dinner tonight !! I’ve got enough for three…


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