Picnic on the edge…

Kids gone for the weekend, chores done, nice weather and not too many people around, so Caroline and I decided to head off to the western end of the Isle of Wight in our creaky VW (slowly becoming a very favourite car!!) and to take a jolly picnic with us.

We went to Freshwater, where we left the Ole Creaky and headed up the hill towards Tenyson down which affords amazing views towards the southern end of the island, where the beaches are located.

We perched ourselves right on the edge of the cliff, near some rather attractive flowers (a must for a picnic!) with the stunning view we were hoping f0r.

Our picnic consisted of a freshly roasted chicken, a tomato salad with anchovies, onions and mozarella, some asparagus which we cooked at home and then put in some olive oil and balsamic vinaigre with lemon, some hard boiled eggs, a couple of rolls, some strawberries with fresh yoghurt and a nice bottle of cold Rose wine.

We made it though the main course and sat and read the papers until about 8 o’clock in the evening, but then unfortunately winter set in (!) and we returned home and enjoyed the desert here!

On the way down the hill we met some cows and their familes who were very friendly! I asked them for a Latte …they seem unamused…..but then they would, would they not!


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