My first mashed potatoes

And I learned how to make them just in time before my 40th birthday, thanks to some of Julia’s Kitchen Wisdom, which is a great cooking manual. I used her suggestion for garlic mashed potatoes, and modified it slightly to use, guess what… ramps! And also some green onions, which combined were really tasty but not overpowering. The pork chops were just grilled plain on the GeoFo and covered with SuperCue sauce, and the broccoli was just steamed. Dessert was a piece of carrot cake from the store.

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  1. Well, since ramps are not technically garlic and in honour of Cheesie’s first mashed potatoes, I shall refrain from any inflammatory entanglements.
    (how anyone can reach the ripe old age of 40 without ever having made mashed potatoes is beyond me though)

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