Cupcake Extravaganzaaaa

In the place that I work there’s a cupcake store and one of the people I work with is friends with the people who work there and our stores close around the same time and they always have heaps of left over cupcakes to throw out or give away to the workers or their friends so I got a big box of cupcakes! On my way home we didn’t really feel like anything for dinner and it was already getting late so mum and I just got straight into the cupcakies! They were pretty good, the baked bit I find a bit plain and then the topping is just a bit too much so I can’t eat one all at once but I always save the topping until last.

In the box I got Lemon,  banana, poppy seed and something, choc and vanilla, another banana, red velvet, coffee, strawberry and cheesecake (VERY GOOD), and chocolate.

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on “Cupcake Extravaganzaaaa
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  1. You can’t eat a whole cupcake….what’s the MATTER with you….I can eat 6….all at once !
    Now listen Cheesefairy…..there is going to be a little surpise for you on WIHFDT….eh, tonigh tonight!!
    All for you from myself (I know you don’t know me, but I’m quite harmless!!) and some of the other members……so don’t forget to check back now and again…..think you will be quite amused ! Sorry about your mother, by the way….couldn’t hack it, eh? ….shame !

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