British to the core…..

I changed cars this week, having decided that at my age entering and exiting from my XK8 had become a little too complicated (basically you hurl yourself comically at the seat when getting in, and do a western roll into the gutter when getting out)…so especially when wearing a mini-skirt or a kilt  its just become too much!

I have bought an S-type in a rather fetching blue hue, with go-faster wheels and floor to cieling cow, and so it weren’t long before my friend from down the road, Diana was banging on my door gagging for a cruise….she’s a bit of a Jaguar nut, her father having owned loads.

We decided on dinner first….and British it was going to be in celebration of the new car (conveniently overlooking the fact that the Yankees owned Jag for ages – and in my view ruined it…sorry, and the…eh… Indians own it now! *shakes head*)

Bangers and mash again…it IS a wonderfully simple dish, especially with good gravy. This time I boiled new potatoes and then forked them into a mash and added a large handful of chopped chives, lots of salt and some horseradish. The bangers were pork ones again, fried this time, not roasted, the gravy was left over from the other day, and this time we added smoked tomatoes which….well, OMG! The taste sensation of the century for me!

Pudding occurred in Guildford in Chez Gerard which was a Pear rather attractive Helen (very British) with 2 forks, and a coffee with lots of unneccesary froth and a pointless dusting of cocoa-powder that makes you sneeze ‘ucino! Excellent.

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