Another head-cold evening on the Island…..!

I was going to try and spin some hilarious yarn about how Caroline and I had visited Monaco for the motor race, but frankly…A. cant be arsed…feel too awful and B. I don’t think you would have believed me for a second….so I shall desist!

The cold and cough continue so I was delighted that Caroline decided to produce one of the best Sunday evening dinners I can remember in ages. I always said she was the proper cook…I just make a louder noise than she does…and tonight was the proof.

Roast spring lamb from Wales, perfect mashed potatoes, another master-class in Cauliflower cheese-making, spring greens and carrots. Every part was cooked to perfection and tasted wonderful. I don’t know how she does it…..I certainly can’t !  And no smoked tomatoes in sight !

Pudding was a Marks and Spencer apple tart with Lidl vanilla ice-cream – for a bloody freezing cold MAY (for Gods sake!) evening….it was perfect.

We had our favourite teenage adjunct – Tom – for dinner. We wish he would just get on and invite Poppy ‘out’ – they are made for each other. Ahhh…teenage angst….don’t you just love it!

 Wine was a cold bottle of Soave!

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