A meal in three counties….

This might be the culinary equivilant of the old spoof British Airways ad…Breakfast in London, Diner in New York (baggage in Rio!) – but as it was my turn to return Caroline, Oscar and Poppy to their island fortress dinner tonight was a little on the hoof.

Starter was at my house (Surrey) before we left and consisted of a pea and mint soup with the addition of a tiny amount of left-over cococut, which lifted it rather nicely. I tarted up my bowl for the camera with an artisitc sprinkle of salad onion, red pepper and parmesan shavings (how trendy is that !)- but we all thought it rather nice. I used bog standard peas when the recipe suggested petits pois, but they were too expensive for theit teenaged palets.

We arrived in Southampton (Hampshire) having just missed a ferry and so I was highjacked (well to be honest I highjacked myself…ouch!) and we made off to McDonalds(or Madmucks as I refer to them as) where O and P seemed quite at home ordering their favourite……eh, abominations?

As you can see I had their breaded dog-turd with diarreah dip – which infact should have been Rabbit droppings with Louisiana oil-spill coulis –  the stupid cow taking the orders got every part of our 4 item order wrong – but whatever it was, was so inutterably repulsive, Oscar kindly finished it for me.

Once they got off I simply couldn’t bear the idea of sitting in a huge traffic jam with all the other poor people returning London-bound after the bank holiday, and so phoned up my friends Judy and Mark and invited myself for dinner at their beautiful seaside pile in The Witterings (OK…East Wittering…not West…we can’t have everything!) which is in West Sussex (confused..?!  :-))

Mark and Judy (eagle eyed readers may remember I had dinner with them last week in their London residence…spinach/coconut soup?….Ethiopian dogs?!) have the irritating trait of not only being exceedingly nice, grounded but Judy cooks like an angel (though I was a little taken aback to be offered Creme Egg ice cream for pud!) but also are rather…eh…well orff….Mark is huge in Caw’prate Finance….and regales us with terrifying stories about how poor we will all be if Labour get back in… I sat there smiling smugly about how ahead of that particular game I was!!… and so we sat and ate dinner – Jersey Royals and Fresh Asparagus – in their lovely dining room, looking out over the Solent, watching a rather magnificent sunset and drinking (yet more!!) Kiwi Savblanc !

(Technical note…the site wouldnt let me centralise this photo!!)

Returned home late…..having had a clear run all the way back home, where I am now enjoying a nice snack of Cornflakes with lashings of cold, fresh yoghurt!