The same…but better!

Caroline occured in Cobham this afternoon and I had planned to slave devotedly over a veal fricasse with mash and Falbs’ beans of a few days ago, but when she read here what I had last night, she became agitated and agressive…and insisted on a repeat performance. Oh, we also didn’t fancy meat.

So what can I tell you? I doubled the anchovy content – one would have thought it impossibly salty, but as I also recklessly upped the budget a little… to French anchois en sel (remembering to rinse off the sel!) which were surprisingly unsalty, and with the addition of some absolutely amazing smoked tomatoes from

and copious fresh basil, it made for a really wonderful, strong fishy sauce. I used Farfalle this time, which were by Garofalo.

Caroline expressed herself stuffed after that, but I still managed an Affogiato, made with Lidl vanilla and a real Nespresso Espresso and a sprinkle of Milo. I experimented with the addition of a dash of Cointreau on the basis of orange and chocolate going well together…. hmmm….good!  :-)


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