Vegetable Kaiseki

The vegetable sushi course: honshimeji mushroom, bamboo shoot with miso, tomato gunmaki, udoe gunmaki, onion shoots, and a tiny mountain of pickles.

Tod always picks great restaurants for my birthday dinner. Nagamine is a traditional Japanese restaurant that specializes in vegetables. Our dinner last night was inventive:

  • Mountain vegetables with wasabi leaf and fresh nori
  • Salted carrot jelly with fresh ginger
  • Black sesame soup with a green pea and mochi dumpling
  • Sashimi of steamed vegetables with miso dipping sauce
  • Eggplant in broth with ferns and spring shoots
  • Bamboo shoots and savoury bean paste in soy milk cream sauce
  • Vegetable sushi and pickles
  • Clear soup with fresh seaweed and nameko
  • Yuzu and soy milk jelly
  • Two different green teas

I regret not snapping a photo of the soup – it was jet black with a bright green dumpling in the middle. Delicious, too!

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