Tea, honey, lemon and rum

After missing the Good Friday feast due to stormy weather, I made it over on Saturday to find that we were going out a neighbourhood potluck dinner. An enormous baked ham, a platter of lemon chicken, veggy casseroles galore- green beans, beets, yams, turnips and apples, carrots and peppers and a big dish of mac’n’cheese. Served with lots of cheap wine and good conversation.
Desert was individual strawberry pavlovas ( I had two) and chocolate cake with chocolate chips and chocolate frosting.
On Sunday we went out for a long walk through the post-Olympic downtown then went home for roast leg of lamb with new spuds, steamed veggies and pumpkin mousse for dessert.
Got back to the island this afternoon and seem to have picked up a nasty cold. I’m left with the mental agility of a baked potato and not much appetite. So it’s a mug or two of black tea with honey, lemon and rum then off to bed. No breakfast tonight, although I did have scrambled eggs for lunch.

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  1. So I’m thinking you must be in the medical field, or you should be- honey, lemon, hot water- that’s clearly the way to get better and I think a little rum must be helpful as well.

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