Jerk! (chicken)

Actually this is what I had for dinner last night… I never got around to posting it: I took a chicken breast and let it sit in some Jamaican jerk marinade I bought while I started frying some onions in oil. Then I added the chicken and some of the sauce and browned both sides. Then I sliced the chicken into strips and added the rest of the jerk sauce that the breast had been marinating in and let the chicken cook thoroughly. Then I turned it off and set it aside and made the salad, which was escarole topped with watermelon radishes, tomatoes, avocado and green onions with a honey dijon vinaigrette. I also microwaved a sweet potato with a lemon and black pepper mixture and when it was done, mixed up the insides with the spices and some olive oil. Then I turned the stove back on and fried the chicken in the sauce a little more to reduce it further and almost char it around the chicken. And the results:

For dessert, an eclair and a handful of disappointingly unsweet strawberries.

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