Happy Birthday, Kitties!

It’s Tax Day in the US, which means it’s the birthday of my three kitties, Keefie, Kanga and Max, who are 10, 6 and 8 respectively today. They had tunafish to celebrate. On the other hand, I had a nice piece of sirloin on which I used the very last of the salt rub that my sister brought back from the Ile du Ré last summer. I also made some rice with some additional spices, and the pièce de resistance was once again fresh asparagus, cut from my garden, lightly steamed, and tossed with a little butter and lemon. Mmmmm, so good. Dessert was a chocolate Nina from the Feel Good bakery.

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  1. (o, no you are not getting off this easy) so…why? Did Uncle Sam send you a check and you went to the SPCA? No- he sent the kitties?…wait…you hid the tax and got the kitties- Get Out! you…

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