Crab Cakes

So originally I was heading for yoga tonight, so Gina decided that crab cakes would be a nice light meal.  I think yoga is falling by the wayside (got my exercise yesterday skiing and I kinda wanta see this basketball game), which is probably good because I am absolutely stuffed after such a rich meal.  Couch here I come.

The recipe was from the America’s Test Kitchen’s Family Cookbook.  Toss 1 lb. fresh crabmeat with 4 tblsp. of breadcrumbs, 4 minced scallions, 1 tblsp. fresh parsley and 1 1/2 tsp. of Old Bay.  Add 1/4 cup of mayonnaise (this got snuck in while I wasn’t paying attention- I hate mayo and most often substitute mustard) and 1 large, beaten egg.  Add salt and pepper to taste and fold the ingredients together.  If need be (to make the ingredients stick together) you can add a bit more breadcrumb.  Make patties out of the mixture and stick in fridge for at least 30 mins.  Coat the patties with flour and drop into HOT oil (don’t heat the oil after you add the patties or they crumble) for about 5 mins. a side.  Serve with lemon.  We also had asparagus (boil for 5 mins. and then sautee in butter for a couple).  For dessert, it was blackberries and fresh strawberries with sour cream and brown sugar coating- one of my favorites, and referred to in this family as the ‘Peter Christian’s Dessert’ after one of our favorite restaurants in Hanover, N.H.

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  1. mmmm, crabcakes!
    Ever tried substituting panko crumbs for regular breadcrumbs?
    They seem to add to both the lightness and sticktogetherness.

  2. OK, it may be the sleep deprivation, but reading about your dessert made me sniffle a bit. Peter Christian’s! I actually have a PC’s cookbook. In college, I dished for the guy who eventually bought the Hanover & New London PC’s at his Italian restaurant. Longing & nostalgia …

    My parents are going to NH Saturday to visit Tobin at his new house – he just moved back there after 5-6 years in Manhattan with his awesome wife. I will now have to go find the photo of you on our dock with Tobin in a headlock.

    One of our lazy meals is fish a la Zena, named for my grandparents’ housekeeper. It is any white fish with a thin swipe of mayonnaise and hefty sprinkle of Old Bay. We broil it in the toaster oven – takes no time. I will have to do it with half-mayo/half-mustard, and perhaps eventually all mustard.

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