I don’t eat nearly as much red meat as I once did but the recent spate of carnivorian posts had me howling and salivating like a ravenous timber wolf hot on the trail of a caribou herd.

New York strip loin, seasoned, pan-seared in olive oil and buter then finished in a hot oven (the BBQ is outta gas) with fresh thyme and rosemary on top. Set off the smoke alarm; note to self – time to clean the oven.
With mashed potatoes (garlic-free), token ginger steamed veggies and pan sauce (deglazed with plonk, reduced,then a little butter and cracked pepper) over everything.
Home-made steak sauce (ketchup, soy sauce, wooster, mustard (not Colman’s or Keens but French’s, the hot dog stuff), minced garlic and pepper flakes) on the side.
With a glass or two from the claret barrel and store-bought apple pie for dessert.

Only made it about half-way through the steak but a  long walk will be required tomorrow nevertheless.

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on “Ahroooooo!
4 Comments on “Ahroooooo!
  1. Just a pet peeve..
    Many local eateries serve inferior, even reconstituted, mash and think that by adding some garlic powder they’re at the cutting edge of culinary creativity.
    I actually don’t mind proper mash with a bit of real garlic now and then but I usually prefer my garlic elsewhere in the meal.
    Always willing to fuel a minor controversy in any case.

  2. Yikes, that steak looks amazing…superbly cooked too ! Agree about the garlic….it’s become something of s fashion statement here too. Hate it in mash….a little mustard (Colmans or Keens) is not bad though

  3. lol -“ahroo”, steak looks positevely beefy, and I like the “anti-garlic-mash-movement” (places around here have been doing this to all pizza too..).
    I think I have to do a “12 clove Garlic Chicken” just to counter in favor of the Stinky Rose (because where would Rome be without it) and ofcourse repel werewolves

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