A Indian bonus with the neighbours…..

Saw my cooking friend Jimmy in the back track this morning, and he invited us all round for an Indian themed dinner which we were happy to accept.

We had a starter of a grilled Mango and chili-prawn kebab. Grilled mango is rather delicious, and chili prawns are always good.

For mains we had a tandoori flavoured chicken. I have always done my tandoori stuff on the GF…


 …as it provides the crispyness and relative dryness required, but these were done in the oven which was OK  but we all agreed they were not particularly crispy and rather fatty… The burning question with tandoori is ‘skin on, or skin off’…personally I prefer skin off.

Egg fried rice was, well egg fried rice – Gomi and I tangled on this one once, but I feel egg fried rice should have evidence of EGG in it, and so I always make a light omelette which I chop and fold into the rice -, and my contribution to the evening was a home made Lentil Dal which were lentils with a vast array of indian spices, garlic, lemon juice  and tomatoes. I tend to overflavour and over-spice Indian dishes (at least by European standards) and so it was (he said modestly!)…actually rather good. I mean, Indian food has to be s..p..i..c..y, no?

Caroline slaved over a home made Kulfi ice-cream confection – milk, condensed milk, rosewater, cardomam seeds, pistachios –  which was absolutely wonderful, though she admitted to a dash too much rose-water…. and her daughter Poppy, decorted the dish with strawberries and a cape gooseberry. 

We all felt quite full at the end of the evening, but felt we had had a lovely meal…..but I will always hold to my long held tenet that ethnic dishes, other than the challenge of cooking them of course, is always better left to the professionals in restaurants. The effort and faff at home never quite  matches the end result.

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on “A Indian bonus with the neighbours…..
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  1. Those Khana Khazanas and so indian chefs- they have a way of tangling over things- you never get the actual recipe without knowing the maiden name of his second cousins wife, and that’s not Sesame for you. Looks delightful!

  2. pssst… Hey everybody, gomi and anyardsroad are having another entanglement!

    For the record, I too pre-cook the eggs then add them to the fried rice.
    Any time I’ve added raw eggs to the frying rice they’ve just glued everything together in big nasty lumps.

  3. aaah…nothing like a good FOOD FIGHT! If I can throw in a pretzel- likely it matters if the temperature( rice cooker)and portion of rice you’ve prepared is sufficient to retain high heat enough to precipitate the eggs fast while you mix (presume warm eggs, not out of the fridge). For me that never works, as in I get a sticky mush, because… the opposite conditions of those above. gomi- you the queen!

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