Winter Comfort Food with Spring Veg

Braised steak & spring veg

Okay, it’s time to stop the lurking and drooling.
Been rather busy lately and subsisting on pizza, take-out or whatever was hadn’t expired in the fridge so a decent meal was overdue.
Braised some seared sirloin tip steak in diced tomatoes, onions, dark ale, garlic, wooster sauce, a few red pepper flakes, fresh rosemary and thyme. A couple of hours bubbling away in the oven.
Served with ginger steamed (great tip, Gomi!)  baby bok choy, carrots, sweet red pepper, some buttered new spuds and a glass of red. Forgot to serve the yam rounds roasted while the steak was braising.
Just what the Dr. ordered on a wet spring evening.

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