Sometimes breakfast is what’s for dinner

Found some real maple syrup on sale today (it’s usually crazy-expensive) so I picked up a jug. Couldn’t wait until breakfast to sample the stuff so pancakes and bacon found themselves on the dinner menu.
My pancakes have sometimes turned out rubbery and underwhelming in the past so I googled a bit and found this tip-filled recipe. Best pancakes ever.
Served with lashings of butter, the aforementioned mapley goodness and a flagon (well, beer mug really) of ale.

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on “Sometimes breakfast is what’s for dinner
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  1. I was browsing, looking for dinner inspiration, and pancakes sound like the PERFECT dinner right now. If I can’t get/afford real maple syrup, I just go with powdered sugar on top. So glad my brother has moved back to New Hampshire so I’ll have a man on the ground in syrup country.

    I use vinegar + milk = buttermilk all of the time. It really does make them fluffier.

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