Oops, Rejected! Waah.

I’ve been working behind the scenes to expand the scope of the dinner blog lately, and one of the blogging networks I investigated is called Foodbuzz (site deemed unworthy of linkage). I submitted the blog  a few weeks ago for review and finally got this email back today:

Thank you for contacting us regarding your blog. We receive hundreds of submissions each week to the Foodbuzz Featured Publisher program. As we cannot accept every application we receive, we rely on a set of quality and content editorial guidelines that we use to determine whether or not your blog is a fit for the program.  At this time, after reviewing your blog, we are not able to accept your blog into the program.
You can re-apply to the Featured Publisher program in 3 months.  While we cannot provide specific feedback for each blog our team reviews, some of things we are looking for in a potential Featured Publisher blog include the following:
  • A blog that is at least 30 days old, and has more than 10 posts.
  • A blog with at least 90% food & dining content
  • Blogs with visually appealing layouts, that are pleasing the eye and not overly cluttered.
  • Quality, thoughtful content that is resourceful and insightful for a community of users interested in food, recipe and dining related information with grammatically strong writing in English (bilingual blogs, with writing in English and another language, are acceptable).
We’re happy that you want to join the Featured Publisher program, and we encourage you to reapply in 3 months!
Dorian Asch
Community Manager
As any loyal reader knows, those bullet points describe this blog pretty accurately. So I wrote back and asked how the blog did not meet those standards, and got another form letter in return:
Thank you for your email.  The reason that we are not accepting your blog into the Foodbuzz Featured Publisher program is because you are not offering any unique content to Foodbuzz.com.  We are currently not looking for bloggers that are aggregating content from other bloggers.
Thank you again,
Dorian Asch
Community Manager
Now give me a freaking break. This blog is not a content aggregator. You people are not writing posts that appear elsewhere and then a script is aggregating them here; what you write is for this blog only, and we all know that, except, apparently, Dumb Dorie. I tried to get this through his thick skull and suggest he actually look at the site. His disjointed response follows:
I did look at your site and noticed that other people post content and their names are above the photos, ie.. es el queso(which I believe is you), anyardsroad, gomichild, and Abbymohabi
As well the “About the Site” section it clearly states….
Feel free to create an account so you can post what you had for dinner, but you do not have to create an account to comment on others’ dinners. However, be aware posts and comments are moderated, and abuse will not be tolerated.

Like its name, this site is supposed to be about what you had for dinner tonight. Don’t worry if you didn’t cook it yourself, there are categories for that. If you want to include links and photos and videos and recipes and tutorials, please do! However, it’s certainly not required: all your post needs to be is a description of what you had for dinner.

Please do remember to tag your posts’ ingredients and separate each tag with a comma, so that everything gets categorized and cross-indexed. If you have any questions or you are not sure how to do something, please feel free to email me via the link provided in the right column.
Again I am sorry that we are not accepting your blog at this time.
Dorian Asch
Community Manager
*All contents of this email, including any and all attachments, are intended for the recipient of this email only, and deemed confidential per the Foodbuzz Confidentiality Agreement.
At this point, I threw up my hands and responded that I would be looking elsewhere to build my community for the blog and to share potential ad revenue. What an insane and inane non-reason for not including this blog in their network. I suggest that you all patronize more intelligent food communities. Or, drop Dim-witted Dorie a line and let him know what you think… But for goodness sake, PLEASE don’t let him know I broke the Foodbuzz Confidentiality Agreement!!!


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  1. I’ve also noticed that the Foodie BlogRoll widget runs an ad for Foodbuzz in rotation with others, so I’ve sent an email asking how to remove it, because if we’re unworthy (har-dee-har har), I’ll be damned if Foodbuzz is going to advertise for free on this site.

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