More Vaguely Asian™

Another combo of farmers market and Chinatown goodness- I picked up a few thin cut pork chops yesterday at one of the butchers in Chinatown, and marinated them in a mix of ginger, garlic, tamari and rice vinegar, and then grilled them on the GeoFo. For once, I had sugar snap peas instead of the greens, which I steamed and then tossed in a little sesame oil and finely minced garlic shoots. And yummiest of all were a few fresh and plump eryngii mushrooms that I diced roughly and sautéed in garlic and black bean paste with fresh green onions and even more garlic shoots (Anyone noticed how much I like these things?)

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  1. Adam, I think you need bigger plates! Your dinners look delicious but a bit overcrowded. I think it is OK to go back for seconds. :-)

    White space is as important for food presentation as it is in other media. In cooking school, we learned that you should keep the food inside the inner ring of the plate – let the design around the edges show.

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