Tonight we cooked Kedgeree, a rather old fashioned dish which was served usually as a breakfast in the days of the English Raj in India, but which has since flourished as a breakfast dish in other countries as well…tonight we had it for dinner.

I have invented a one-pot way of cooking it…boil rice, put eggs in the water as well to hard-boil them and also add the flaked (smoked) haddock until it is cooked and then take it out and deskin and flake it.

Once the eggs are cooked, peel them and chop them roughly and add to the flaked haddock in a bowl.

At this point add a generous dollop of curry powder and turmeric to the rice, so it goes a nice yellowish shade (I didnt put enough in tonight) and some frozen peas (decoration)

Once it is all cooked, drain the rice and put the eggs and haddock into the saucepan and mix well, but carefully not to break up everything.

Sprinkle lemon over the top and serve. We had it with Chantennay carrots and beans.

Delicious, but the real secret of this dish is to make it the day before you want to eat it and let it macerate…the infusion of the fish into the rice is the thing…

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