Flatbread Pizza

G and I went to the farmers market today and picked up a bunch of fresh, yummy treats. We stopped by our favorite purveyors of Afghani food, and picked up a variety of things, including some pesto, and the nice guys there gave us a free flatbread. So we decided to use the two to make a flatbread pizza tonight, with a few other things we picked up at the market today including shiitake mushrooms, garlic chives and roma tomatoes. We finished it off with some ground italian sausage and grated mozzarella cheese. Here’s what it looked like before the cheese and being baked:

And here it is fresh out of the oven:

We enjoyed it with some red wine, and for dessert, some chocolate truffles from Barlovento, also from the market, and some Ben and Jerry’s ice cream, and we watched a surprisingly fun and wacky movie, The Informant. Oh, also, by the way, yesterday was the second anniversary of the inception of this blog, so happy birthday everyone!

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