Back Yard BBQ

Tonight G&T came over, and we BBQed in the back yard. T marinated some steak before bringing it over. I picked up some red potatoes from one of the vendors at this week’s Grand Lake farmers market as well as some golden beets, and G and I diced them with some red beets too, and roasted them in the oven like I did with the other root veggies a couple nights ago. Instead of fresh dill, since I was out, I used dried dill, and extra garlic shoots, since I picked up more at the market today.

I also fried some of the garlic shoots up with some fresh shiitake mushrooms in sesame oil with a little soy sauce to go over the steak, which turned out to be really tasty, and complemented the texture of the meat nicely. But, once again, best of all, was fresh asparagus, cut straight from the garden. This time, G marinated it in a little balsamic vinegar and olive oil, and T grilled it for just a couple minutes on the BBQ. Absolutely perfect with another bottle of Lorca red wine. For dessert, we hopped in the car and went downtown to Tucker’s for dessert, where I had a double scoop- salted caramel and heath bar crunch in a chocolate dipped waffle cone.

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