Chicken and Peppers in Vinegar Sauce

Gina pulled this one out of the Sunday newspaper (we still get the old-fashioned paper version delivered every morning- no, really.) and it’s actually really tasty if you are a big fan of balsamic vinegar.

First, brown 8 bone-in, skinless chicken thighs in a Dutch oven.  Remove to plate.  Use the oven to saute two chopped bell peppers and about 8 cloves of garlic until soft.  Add 1 tblsp. of tomato paste and 1 cup balsamic vinegar and reduce by half.  Add 2 tblsp. of honey and 2 cups chicken stock and cook for about five more minutes.  Return chicken to the oven, and cook until tender (about 15 mins.). Put the chicken on a serving platter and reduce sauce for about 5 more mins.  Add some fresh parsley to the sauce and pour over the chicken.  We had it with baked potatoes and a simple salad.

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