Scallops, Edamame & Steak

My favorite (short but cute) su chef made up the green theme last night- exhibit B- mold of Lemon/Lime Jello. I just realized that is surf and turf again, but not the same.
Started out with searing the sides of the scallops with butter and garlic, added shelled, cooked edamame to absorb the juices and finished with cream, dill weed and lemon . The pasta was multicolored rotini( think green theme and we were out of spinach tortellini)  in thee cheese sauce. The steak-flashed grilled rib.


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on “Scallops, Edamame & Steak
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  1. I don’t mean to be presumptious that it is at all unclear to anyone , but it is one of those verbal word lingo thingies that facinates me. This side of the ocean jello is trademark that has become the common word for the dessert made with gelatin (very much like hoover is the word for vacuum in uk) , and jelly is jam made from gelatinized (with pectin) juice and spread it on toast

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