Global dinner party

Some time ago I muted the idea of a WIHFDT ‘global dinner party’ and we kind of set a tentative date of the 14th February.

I was wondering where we all stood on this idea…..and if it is still a goer, would like to ask what people might think of a menu which includes “MY TAKE ON PAELLA”…by that I mean people make THEIR version of this fairly easy, but rather exotic and visually attractive dish.

I suggest not because I have made it twice now, but it is a dish which lends itself to regional variations (I would probably try a version made with black rice) and does not demand any expensive ingredients or particular cooking skills.

It is also fun to make, fun to decorate and fun to eat…as well as lending itself to a real dinner party which I hope the event might actually provoke around the world….complete with photos.

Comments ?

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  1. I’m in. Got a friend coming in from out of town whom I would love to impress with a Paella before I go to see Les Claypool play that night.

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