Spaghetti and Meatballs


My day didn’t quite go the way I’d planned, so as a distraction, I spent the better part of the afternoon and early evening cooking a nice tomato sauce to make spaghetti. I started with a bunch of Roma tomatoes, which I dunked into boiling water to remove the skins, and then quartered and removed the seeds and chucked in a pot with some onion and garlic I had already started sautéeing with olive oil. I added salt and pepper, fresh basil, the tiniest dash of cinnamon, and then used my electric hand blender to purée it all.

Once it had cooked down a bit, I added in some tomato paste, fresh oregano from the garden, more basil, a few bay leaves, and quartered crimini mushrooms. I let all that simmer for about two hours total on the cooktop, uncovered, on low, with just a splatter screen over the top so it wouldn’t make an abysmal mess.

The meatballs are from a mix I had frozen a while back- part italian sausage, part ground pork and part ground beef. I fried them up in a pan nice and simply. The pasta is whole grain thin spaghetti; I’ve found that I prefer the taste of whole grain pasta these days. Over the top, some shaved Parmesan… I also sliced a roll and toasted it and made some quicky garlic bread to complete the experience.

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  1. I always find pork and beef a good mix for pasta sauce. Beef alone seems to come out quite heavy. The Italians often (very often!) mix veal and pork! Good touch with the cinnamon. Must try that.

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