Some love for the unloved


Not everyone appreciates brussels sprouts, beets, or parsnips, much less all at once, but I love ’em. The parsnips were done up proper British style, from a recipe in the book Mothy sent me, Great British Cooking, braised in a light mustard sauce. The beets were boiled yesterday, plain and cold, just how I like them. The sprouts steamed until still crisp, then tossed with butter. And, as a reward for being so magnanimous, duck sausages, since everyone else around here seems to be having duck, served over a portabella mushroom grilled in the drippings from the sausages.

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  1. I was gutted that the local supermarket had run out of sprouts yesterday by the time I got round to shopping — one of my faves too! Also beets, also also parsnips. In fact, that’s one yummy lookin’ plate o goodness.

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