Poached salmon and accompaniments….

This was lunch for 13!! Quite, quite mad….not even enough chairs and plates…but it is the way I do things and it turns out quite OK in the end!

Starter was Capelletti in Brodo…an Italian Christmas soup made of chicken stock, parmesan cheese, milk and a good slug of, in this case, Marsala (bought in preparation of the saltimbooca alla Romana!) which went down rather well with chicken and ham flavoured mini-ravioli as the centrepiece.


Sainsbury’s (a good British supermarket chain) had whole farmed salmons on sale for absurdly cheap prices. One takes a position on farmed salmon..,..I am not entirely happy with the concept…but it is better by far than depleting wild salmon…and is very tasty.

A few weeks ago I bought a fish kettle…and tried it out today…white wine, lemon grass, bay leaves, onions and anything else I could think of and poached it til it started to boil, and then turned if off and let it cook itself. The end result was moist and tasty ! And quite enough for 9 grown-ups and some foodie squits to boot !

In the meantime…chaos reigned…and the rest of the meal got thrown together as best I could…but  in the end it was OK. Roasted new potatoes and chantennay carrots…a good, sweet mix. Broccoli and cauliflower cheese…another good mix, and some tinned Petits Pois with garlic and butter.

Pud was a Bramley apple cake (made by Jimmy…my cooking mate and guest!!) with a rather rubbish store bought vanilla ice cream (nice idea..poor choice!)…and loads of Oyster Bay SavBlanc from New Zealand!

I have no kids of my own…but adore other people’s…my house got trashed (temporarily) and we all had a great time…and it was such a pleasure to feed people (young, younger and old!) who really….. really… love good food  and are prepared to put up with the organised chaos of my cooking style!

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on “Poached salmon and accompaniments….
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  1. Is it just me, or do you seize upon any chance you can get to promote your Cappelletti in brodo recipe? :) And tsk, posting lunch instead of dinner! But a meal for that many people deserves mention for sure.

  2. Oh, I don’t mean to be forward! Capelletti in Brodo (or however you spell it) is a very Christmassy Italian recipe, so I thought it might inspire someone (anyone !!) but I shall certainly desist in putting recipes up in future ! Wikibooks recipes though is a logical extension to our little blog, especially for the likes of Gomi who are such competent cooks! Thanks to my incompetence in getting things done, we ended our meal at 6.45 so it was dinner…though it was MEANT to be lunch!

  3. …but seriously, do put me right on any faux-pas in the way I post ! I do try to add a little ‘colour’ to my posts and photos (hence the photos of the kids on this one) but again if this is too different I am happy (and not in the least offended) to be told !

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