My Yuletide Feast

I love duck. Always have. Whenever I had a special meal, like a birthday, I’d always order the duck. So for Christmas this year, since I knew I’d be spending it on my own, I decided to pick up a smallish duck and roast it for myself. The package came with an orange sauce and suggestions how to prepare the duck, stuffing the cavity with quartered oranges, onions and chopped celery. I also rubbed the outside with a mixture of five-spice powder, pepper, salt, and a lemon pepper mix, and after two hours in the oven, it looked like this:

About this time, Max took notice, and helped himself to liberal chunks that I cut off for him. Kanga was also enthused enough to scarf down several pieces. At the same time that the duck was roasting in the oven, I also put in a yam, that I flavored with a little orange and butter and five-spice powder as well.

I made a mix of wild rice using chicken stock for extra flavor, and served it with oyster mushrooms on top, that I sautéed in the drippings from the duck and a little extra garlic, which I have to say was just fantastic. The brussels sprouts were steamed in garlic, and tossed in more garlic with butter. And the salad was another of my fine mixed green over-achievements, with watermelon radishes, cucumbers, cherry tomatoes, green onions and carrots, and the last of the pesto vinaigrette that I made the other day. To drink, a sparkling lingonberry/apple cider from IKEA.

I realized when I got to the end of my meal that I neglected to get anything dramatic for dessert; all I have are some of the gingersnaps I made the other day, and that’s just as well. They’re really great, and as good as they are to give as gifts, I love having them left over to eat myself.

Merry Christmas to all of you dinner blog readers and contributors, thank you for being a part of this thriving and welcoming community!

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  1. Gordon Ramsay says that cutting a cross on sprouts dries them out….well…actually he says putting a cross on sprouts ****ing well, b***dy, ****,**&!!*, “\@**& dries them out…but you get the gist!

  2. It dries them out? I don’t think I’ve had a dried-out Brussels sprout… I’d think the cross would just make that tough core cook a little faster so it finishes at the same time as the rest of the sprout. But what do I f#&ing know, I’m certainly not Gordon f@()ing Ramsay. 😉

  3. I would have to disagree with Mr. Ramsay as much as I enjoy his theatrics; cutting the cross in them does help them cook properly, since I only steam them for 5 minutes. It’s not enough time for them to dry out.

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