Carbonific Blahs


This was more of a appetizer- ciabatta bread lightly seared in hot pan with olive oil, tiny bit ofbutter, garlic and Parmesan and topped with tomato, dill and ricotta cooked in the same pan.
I found that  midday pick me up and an early dinner does well for my family on weekends. 
I am a bit overwhelmed with all “the comfort food” of the season (cleaning out a freezer full of dutifully frozen baked potatoes and shepherd pie halves and stew I thought at one time was delicious didn’t help).   I found a well forgotten stock pile of what you could call paprikash (flash fried juliened mixed colored peppers and onions  I had made and friezed (when my hubby visited the local restaurant depot, where bulk is unbelievably priced and came back with 20 lb of peppers??!!!!) The sauce turned out quite good adding that to heated olive oil,  a little shrimp stock for flavor, fresh parsley and a bit of basil. The previously cooked rigatoni was tossed with that and mozzarella.
Baby frizz greens salad was nice, but didn’t quite cut it, and I didn’t take a picture.

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