Last squash of the season


For some reason, I have no concept of how to cook squash for one person. But, when it comes out well, like it did tonight, that means I have lots of leftovers to freeze for later, which I did. Tonight’s version included zucchini from the garden, yellow crookneck squash from the farmers market, a fennel bulb, a red onion, lots of garlic, a diced bell pepper, a big handful of oregano and Thai basil from the garden, and some tomatoes, all sautéed in olive oil with salt and pepper. The flavor was perfect- the oregano really came through, as did the fennel and the squash, and I didn’t overcook the squash- it was still nice and firm and crisp, but cooked properly. I am glad that I have many portions left over for later reference.

I basted the pork chop with a quick mixture of lemon juice (also from the garden… :) ), honey, olive oil and mustard, and grilled til juicy and just done on the GeoFo. And for dessert, I continued trying to finish off the chocolate decadence cake that Ambrosia brought over a week(!) ago.

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  1. O, this looks good! I am always at a peril trying to figure out to do with zucchini and the sort, and this was the year of.. wish I can toss some your way and no, there is absolutely no way to cook it for one, unless you stip chopping half way

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