Korean Dinner

So I had dinner early today. So I’ll probably eat something later because really, who eats dinner at 3pm? This was still me cooking and my main meal of the day.

I made “soondubujjigae,” though that calls for “soondubu,” which is a soft type of tofu, and I only had regular old tofu in my fridge. I mostly used this recipe, but subbed in chicken instead of beef, and extra shrimp instead of the “mixed seafood,” and I had no green chiles. Here’s a pic I took, I ate it with rice.
Korean Dishes

Oh and while the stock was cooking, I whipped up some zucchini fritters, a la this recipe.
Korean Dishes

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  1. They were super easy! Although, I really am bad at frying things. The first one turned out by far the best, most crispy. I’m hoping they reheat ok in the oven, because I made all of that for just me! (Was trying to use up some zucchini…)

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