The full English……

IMG_0853A staggeringly beautiful day on the Isle of Wight and so Caroline and I ambled down to the Water’s Edge cafe in Gurnard, where they serve the best breakfast we know. It’s location, right next to the water and by the local sailing club makes it almost unique on the island.

A perfect breakfast…good back-bacon, a fat tasty sausage, perfect fried eggs, some mushrooms (C ate the lot – I cant stand them) and toast made of ‘plastic’ bread, with marmalade, and a good pot of stiff tea…..and, by the way, this was a one-plate-2-sets-of-cutlery job…promise!

Sorry about the photo…back to the rubbish iPhone camera.

Well, I am off on a bit of a jaunt now….to Sicily, Rome and Paris…all in 5 days. I hope to put up some interesting photos of interesting food….well…someone’s got to do it!

Have a good week –

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