sweet potato lasagna

Last night I took a guest (my friend visiting me for the weekend) out to a restaurant I’d never tried before… It was a nearly-perfect meal.

We started off with cocktails – she had a caramel apple martini and I had a Tennessee Twist (green tea liqueur with Jack Daniels). Then we shared a bowl of vegan curried carrot-ginger soup with creme fraiche and an order of vegetable spring rolls with sweet/sour roasted pepper sauce to dip them in.

We had a local pinot noir with the meal – I liked it but she found it too soft. She had the beef tenderloin with mashed sweet potato and steamed asparagus, and I had the sweet potato lasagna, which had very thinly sliced sweet potatoes over lasagna noodles layered with leeks, mushrooms, feta and mozzarella cheese and a vodka rose sauce. It was divine.

She switched to a merlot and I had a local gewurztraminer with a sort of spicy kick to it, not very sweet. For dessert she had a brownie with raspberry sorbet and I had the chocolate truffle cake – a light, fluffy and creamy chocolate mousse center coated in chocolate ganache with a berry coulis drizzled around it.

Finally I finished my meal with a Glenfiddich 18 year scotch, and then, a cappucino. We were there for four and a half hours, talking and talking, and enjoying the jazz trio (three cute old men!).

Both of us agreed it was one of the best “dates” we’d ever been on. The service was excellent and the prices very reasonable. I can’t wait to take my husband there the next time we can manage a date night…

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on “sweet potato lasagna
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  1. What a BRILLIANT idea to comment on what wine you had !! And to change wine through the meal is even better….and frightfully posh!

    What was the cappucino like?…..as a past long-term resident of Italy I find them terribly disappointing sometimes in restaurants….indeed I have been known to stride imperiously up to the cappucino-machine and make my own !

  2. I lived ( or actually to be totally precise had a flat which I used at every opportunity, interspersed with the need for work in London!!) in a town called Cannobio on Lago Maggiore.

    http://www.loscalo.com – my favourite restaurant… on the ground floor of where I lived !! Explains alot…!

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