Pasta with tomato sauce

Super-easy and very yum tomato sauce recipe to share:
Cocktail tomatoes chopped in half, put in pot with some olive oil, a bit of water, a squirt of liquid fructose (could be honey or agave nectar or whathaveyou), salt, smoked paprika powder and some Mixed Italian Spices. Leave to cook on medium high heat until goopy sauce (about 10-15 minutes), add some ketchup and more spices to taste. I had some sun-dried tomato puree in the cupboard so threw a spoonful of that in too. Voila!
It got eaten too quickly to be photographed, with some random-shaped pasta, and some olives on the side.

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  1. Smoked makes it taste much richer, and takes the sharp edge off it, I think. Deeper and warmer flavour, slightly sweet undertone. I much prefer it to the non-smoked. Do you have availability probs in Japan? Want I send you some?

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